Summary of Human Rights Issues and Events in Honduras, July 2014

Please find HERE our latest Summary of Human Rights Issues and events in Honduras, for July 2014.

About this report:

In July, the issue of child migrants continued to dominate the headlines (P.5), with concern expressed about the fate of those deported from the US. The UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women, following her visit to Honduras talked of the environment these children are fleeing, where ‘the climate of fear… and the lack of accountability for violations of human rights of women, is the norm’ (P.4).

There were more incidents involving the beneficiaries of precautionary measures – the abduction of Garífuna land rights defenders by men linked to drug trafficking (see below), as well as of two Catholic priests supporting communities opposing mining, plus their PROAH accompaniers (P.12). This month, there were also disturbing revelations about the US Drugs Enforcement Administration (DEA)’s attempts to intimidate a survivor of the Ahuas tragedy into changing her testimony in its favor (P.3).

Another journalist was murdered (P.8) and more suffered intimidation, including by the president. Another lawyer was murdered (P.10), with the motive likely to be his support for land rights, also thought to be the motive behind a massacre of four people, including a community leader (P.14). A LIBRE activist is the victim of a failed murder attempt and long-term police persecution (P.10). In the Bajo Aguán, there was a violent eviction of the Paso Aguán farm, with persecution of the campesinos’ supporters – surveillance of members of OPDHA and smears targeted at Annie Bird of Rights Action (P.15). On a slightly happier note, Chabelo, the campesino wrongfully imprisoned since 2008, has been granted an appeal (P.16) and an army colonel has been convicted of closing down a TV station during the coup, the first such conviction (P.10).

On July 22, the Honduran Congress approved the Bill for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders, Journalists, Social Communicators and Justice Operators, on its second reading. The Bill, which consists of 71 articles, is now the subject of consultation with the affected groups before it is definitively passed by Congress.


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